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The management of sectional title schemes under the Sectional Title Act No. 95 of 1986, “the Act”, is an increasingly complex task, requiring specialist knowledge.  Connecta Realty would like to take this opportunity of introducing their professional services to your body corporate.

  • Sectional Title Management

    Management packages designed and adapted to suit the individual and specific needs of all sectional title schemes.
  • Sectional Title Consulting / Mediation / Adjudication

    A professional, qualified and independent specialist sectional title consultant is available to assist and guide Trustees & Bodies Corporate on all sectional title related matters, procedures, dispute resolutions and to attend Trustee & General Meetings in an impartial advisory capacity.    
  • Occupant Management / Control

    A personal detail & record keeping management service in respect of a scheme’s occupants (owners & tenants).  Statistical Details & Updated Monthly Reports to Trustees / Bodies Corporate which affords control and effective “crowd” management
  • Sectional Title Training / Trustee Training

    Please visit the "Training" & “Downloads” page of this website for further information.

Our full itemised bouquet of management services include the following:

Accounting Services
  • Collect monthly levy contributions and any other ancillary charges from owners, including the rendition of monthly statements.
  • Exercise credit control in respect of amounts owing by owners and issue letters of demand to owners in arrear.
  • Handover of debtors to attorneys for recovery, as directed by directors / trustees.
  • Provide trustees / directors with a monthly statement showing amounts due and received from each owner.
  • Provide trustees / directors with a monthly statement of receipts and expenditure.
  • Verify and pay all expenses incurred in the administration of the building, subject to any restrictions imposed by the trustees / directors.
  • Invest surplus funds in an interest bearing trust account with a registered bank acceptable to the trustees / directors.
  • Maintain accounts & records and prepare annual financial statements for auditing.
  • Arrange for the annual audit of the accounts.
  • Prepare the annual levy budget and calculate the monthly contributions due by owners.
  • Complete and render income tax returns including provisional tax and make payments.
Secretarial Services
  • Maintain the following statutory records - Minute Book, Members / Share Register, Insurance Policies, Rules / Articles Of Association.
  • Arrange the drafting and despatch of notices, agendas, proxy forms etc for general meetings.
  • Arrange the drafting and despatch of notices of trustees / directors meetings.
  • Attend annual general meeting of owners.
  • Attend at least one meeting of trustees / directors in each financial year.
  • Draft and circulate minutes of all meetings which are attended by a representative of the managing agent.
  • Arrange for the typing and circulation of minutes of meetings where such minutes have been drafted by a person other than the managing agent.
  • Complete and return statistical data required by Government departments, subject to an agreed charge.
  • Arrange insurances as required and allocate insurance values.
  • Arrange professional insurance valuations for the account of the building.
  • Receive and process insurance claims.
  • Attend to queries and complaints and arrange the drafting and distribution of general correspondence.
  • Assist and advise trustees / directors on procedures for meetings, resolutions, quorums, voting rights, proxies & interpretation of rules.
  • Issue levy clearance certificates, the cost of which is recoverable from the owner.
Administrative Duties
  • Inspect the common property periodically or upon request. Assist and advise the trustees / directors thereon.
  • Arrange for the repairs & maintenance of the common property not requiring the advice and supervision of professional engineers and obtain quotations for repairs when so instructed.
  • Negotiate with professional firms and others for the compiling of specifications of work to be done.
  • Engage & dismiss employees on the instructions of the client, who accepts full responsibility for complying with reasonable labour practices.
  • Assist in preliminary negotiations with a trade union in regard to labour disputes, provided the client is in compliance with the wage provisions of wage determination 477.
  • Arrange payment of wages for employees and compliance with statutory payments for UIF, PAYE etc.
  • Keep full records of its administration and report to the client on all matters which in it's opinion detrimentally affect the value or amenity of the common property.
  • Assist in the enforcement of rules when so required by the trustees / directors.
Designer Management Systems
Whether your scheme makes use of a managing agent or operates as a self managing entity, a need for accurate record keeping remains a key & common factor and of paramount importance to the success and well being of the entire scheme.
Accurate and comprehensive information pertaining to owners or their tenants, individual section details and exclusive use allocations  significantly form the basis of an organised  and well managed scheme.
Bodies Corporate and their elected trustees constantly need a host of information and statistical data in order to ensure the smooth & efficient day-to-day running of any scheme.
Historically,  record keeping has for the most part always been an ‘achilles heel’.  Trustees come and go and the continuity of accurate record keeping is often compromised with appointed record keepers changing constantly.  The result is a mish mash of incomplete records as new systems are adopted and then abandoned.
Connecta Realty is able to offer all schemes a solution to the problem.  A designer Microsoft Access based Scheme Management System will ensure continuity and equip trustees of Bodies Corporate with the necessary tool to manage efficiently and the opportunity to access required information at the click of a button and at any given time.
Handwritten record keeping is no longer logical and has no place in effective and smart sectional title or share block management.  Even the most ingeniously prepared spreadsheet will invariably reach a point where it’s potential to provide instant and quality management support information of any great depth will be exceeded. 
The scope and potential of a designer scheme management system is enormous and will definitely optimise control and management of critical areas including; Annual Levy Calculations, Special Levy Calculations, Owner / Shareholder Personal Details, Occupant Personal Details (Security), Trustee / Director Details, Individual Section Details (Section Plan Details), Exclusive Use Allocations, Parking Bay Allocations, Monthly Income & Expenditure (Petty Cash), Employee Details, Scheme Diary (Record Of Maintenance), Scheme Asset Register, Preferred Service Provider Address Book .
A designer management system will not only provide self managing schemes with the perfect tool for successful management but will also provide those schemes who currently make use of a managing agent with an added support facility and major time saving device in eradicating communication delays while waiting for information requested from managing agents.  It must also be remembered that the likelihood of your managing agent being in a position to supply any information regarding occupants who are non-owners or non-shareholders is very remote as this function normally falls outside the scope of their mandate!