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André Grundle

André Grundler - AG Body Corporate Solutions CC - Durban (February 2009)


Registration no: 2008 / 111899 / 23      Member: André Grundler
E-mail:  andre@bodycorpsolutions.co.za
Fax:     031 – 563 3391
Phone: 031 – 564 4485
P.O. Box 1274 Hyper-by-the-Sea 4053

Connecta Realty is managing agent to a substantial number of bodies corporate where I have been appointed by the High Court as administrator of these schemes.

I was first introduced to Connecta Realty, represented by Charles Baker, when he was assisting an owner of a body corporate in distress.  This particular body corporate was faced with the prospects of a court application to resolve issues of debt and non-compliance with various provisions of the Act. Charles proceeded to volunteer his services to advise and guide the body corporate on a path of self-management, which led to his appointment as managing agent and a turnaround in the financial and management position of the scheme.

In my extensive dealings with Connecta Realty and Charles on a professional level, I have found Charles’ commitment to excellence, his advanced sectional title knowledge and experience as well as his administrative efficiency and accuracy to be invaluable.  These attributes are particularly relevant to the bodies corporate which I administer, where my time is required for rehabilitation functions and I need professional support I can rely on.  With Connecta Realty I am able to rely on such a quality management service.

Connecta’s services are further enhanced by electronic innovation and I find great benefit in receiving reports and information timeously and at the click of a button.

I would highly recommend the services of Connecta Realty for any body corporate.

Sheila Rice

Sheila Rice - Chairperson Ridgedale Body Corporate
- Morningside (February 2009)

It is with pleasure that we give this reference for Mr. Charles Baker and Connecta Realty.  Mr. Baker and Connecta Realty has been our managing agent for the past 3 years.  In that time we, the Body Corporate of Ridgedale, have learnt so much from him with regard to the management of our building.  The monthly statements & financial reports produced by Connecta Realty are done very professionally and accurately.  During 2008, two of our trustees attended the UCT & Paddocks Trustee Training Certificate Course facilitated by Mr. Baker and now have a very thorough knowledge of the Act and we feel confident that we can tackle any challenge that comes our way because of the way Mr. Baker conducted the course and the input that he gave to us.

We wish him every success in the future and would be happy to recommend Connecta Realty to anyone.

Liz Nair

Liz Nair - Chairperson Noorejeha Body Corporate - Isipingo Rail
(February 2009)

Hi, my name is Liz Nair and I possess BA (UDW) and LLB (Unisa) degrees, and am an admitted attorney of the High Court of South Africa.  I am currently employed in a senior management post for a legal insurance company.  I first met Charles Baker, about a year ago, when we were looking for a managing agent for Noorejeha located in Isipingo Rail. Charles was not intimidated by the poor records of the body corporate, serious financial issues or the dilapidated state of the complex, and literally ploughed himself into the task at hand.  Over the year he has turned around the financial affairs of the body corporate to reflect a healthy credit balance, has managed to effect much needed repairs and maintenance, and most importantly has brought the record keeping up to date.  We have worked closely over the last year, in my capacity as chairperson of the body corporate, and I have found Charles to be extremely competent in his duties as a managing agent.

Gordon Mackay

Gordon Mackay - Property Investor, Businessman, Author & Public Speaker (February 2009)

I met Charles Baker of Connecta Realty a year ago, when I attended a sectional title seminar facilitated by him.  I have remained in regular contact with Charles ever since, and have routinely sought his opinion and direction on various sectional title related matters affecting my own extensive, and predominantly sectional title based, property portfolio.  I have always found his professional advice to be candid, accurate and soundly based on and within the provisions of the legislation, which governs all sectional title schemes. 

This has allowed me to take an informed approach in managing and dealing with these matters.  Charles has attended a number of general meetings on my behalf during the last few months as my proxy, and I have found his feedback and synopsis of these meetings to be most insightful and reliable.  Further, Connecta Realty is the appointed managing agent to one of the sectional title schemes where I am a member of the body corporate and I must compliment them on the presentation, accuracy and promptness of all their documentation & correspondence!  Connecta Realty’s efficiency in all aspects of sectional title scheme management is very evident, and I have absolutely no hesitation in suggesting their professional services to any body corporate.


Debbie Lane

Debbie Lane - Chairperson Rayndell Gardens Body Corporate  - Montclair (February 2009)

We appointed Connecta Realty as our Managing Agent about three years ago.  During this time their contribution in attending to and assisting the trustees in the administrative and financial management of our body corporate has been fantastic.  Accurate and well-conceived annual budgets during this time have allowed our reserve fund to grow to a very comfortable level and we have had no unpaid levies at all.

All our correspondence is extremely well prepared and the presentation of all our letters, minutes and other correspondence, including AGM notifications and attachments, are of a very high standard. 

Charles Baker’s considerable sectional title knowledge allows him to be straight and to the point in assisting the trustees in dealing with any problems they encounter.  Any assistance or requests, we as trustees have, are always attended to promptly and dealt with extremely professionally.

Congratulations on a job well done Connecta Realty!

Lalitha Hoover

Lalitha Hoover - Chairperson Villa Dor Body Corporate - Reservoir Hills (February 2009)

It is indeed a major task for trustees to successfully attend to the financial affairs and general day-to-day administration and upkeep of a body corporate.  We, the current trustees of Villa Dor decided to try our hand at self-management, following a very unpleasant experience with our previous managing agent.  We soon realised that we needed help!

André Grundler, of AG Body Corporate Solutions CC, introduced Charles to us in July 2008.  We were at the time, a body corporate in crisis, with considerable financial problems and a pending S46 application.  Charles took it upon himself to assist us voluntarily from July 2008 until September 2008, when, seeing his passion for the job, and his wealth of knowledge in dealing with sectional title matters, we had no hesitation in officially appointing him as our managing agent and we signed a contract with Connecta Realty on the 1st September 2008. 

Connecta Realty provides an excellent service and Charles is very much a “peoples” person.  He deals with challenges in a very diplomatic manner and constantly keeps us, the trustees, informed and he is easily contactable.  With these strong qualities in mind, I will not hesitate to recommend Charles Baker of Connecta Realty to any body corporate that is seeking the services of an honest, reliable and professional managing agent. 

Jill Corfield

Jill Corfield – Corfield School Of Real Estate – Durban
– 20th October 2005 (30 years experience in the real estate industry)

“I have known Charles Baker as a business colleague for a period of five years. During this time, I have always found Charles to be a perfectionist and a person of the highest integrity at all times.
Charles has an enquiring mind and his attention to detail is truly exceptional.  For a period of approximately one year, Charles has also been an exemplary student attending plus minus nine training courses all related to property. 
I would have absolutely no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Charles Baker and Connecta Realty to manage your Sectional Title or Share Block Scheme.  Should you require further opinion, please contact me on corfield@mweb.co.za

Bruce Walsh

Bruce Walsh - Human Resources Consultant - Cape Town
– 18th  October 2005
“I first met Charles Baker as a young boy when he was a pupil in my class at the Southlands Primary school in Durban. He struck me then as a diligent and friendly boy.
Our paths crossed again seven years ago, when Charles took it upon himself to track me down after I had been severely injured in a bomb blast in Cape Town in 1998.
A friendship has subsequently developed and I am pleased to report that the seeds planted in those earlier days have taken root. Charles is an emotionally mature man who clearly lives his life in a goal focused manner. Further, he possesses tenacity and perseverance in pursuit of his objectives.
These competencies coupled to the fact that Charles’ honesty and integrity are unquestionable and that he is a “people person” make Charles a team player and a wonderful supporting friend.“